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optical bonding thechnology

For Outdoor Display & Anti-Vandal Touch Screen

CiVUE Optical Bonding Technology LucidBondTM & ArmorBondTM affixes a cover lens, such as anti-reflective glass, or touch panel directly onto a display and eliminates the air gap in between, in order to reduce reflectance to as low as 0.2%, and dramatically increase contrast ratio in a high ambient light environment.

This technology also allows ID designers and mechanical engineers to design a larger cover lens or leave out front housing for less total thickness, rather than the traditional design. This is because not only can the bonding layer provide better impact absorption, but also better support to the cover lens.

CiVUE also offers a wide range of high brightness sunlight readable LCD panels that can be used by itself, or integrated with cover glass or touch panel by CiVUE’s proprietary optical bonding technology (LucidBondTM & ArmorBondTM), suitable for using under direct sunlight or high ambient light conditions.

CiVUE High Brightness Sunlight Readable LCD Promotion List (2023/7/25 update)